Tree Trimming Services

Get Those Trees And Bushes Away From Your Roof!

We specialize in protecting your roof.

Tree limbs and bushes can grow right into roofs and destroy the shingles. Trees also are a source of shade which can cause moss to grow. I will not guarantee moss not to return in any set amount of time if there are trees covering the roof. Squirrels use trees to get on roofs and are very hard on them, they can actually eat their way through causing leaks and entering attics and crawlspaces in your home. Trees above and around roofs also increase the potential for moss and mold growth and can definitely be hazardous during extreme weather. We recommend trimming trees and bushes as a good way to protect the investment you have made in your home. If you have a large tree that is too close to your house, but you just love the tree, you will have to instruct us on how much to cut back. We do not want to have you upset at your lopsided looking tree. Our goal is to protect your house and roof but also to make you happy. Tree trimming in Portland can be an on going yearly maintenance issue.
A lot of the times, the tree trimming is required (see pics) as we cannot work unless we are able to trim the trees, bushes or shrubs away from the roof. It can be a safety hazard for us as well as your home.

Tree Service in Portland, Oregon – What do we do?

We cut all the trees and bushes back from your roof at least 5-10 feet, more if requested.

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