Clackamas Roof Cleaning

We are more than just a roof cleaning company, we have your best interest by making sure the whole system is sound and lasting as long as possible.
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Please do not try to be like this guy below, let us take care of the roof and gutter work. Please leave this type of work to the experts.

We service the Clackamas area

You make money doing what you do, and we will make take care of the roofing and gutter cleaning work while being safe. This photo represents a very unsafe act, and does not represent how we would work. We are always properly tied off, ladder safety, etc. Do not try to be a hero, it is not worth it.


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Roof Maintenance

Any time we do any cleaning, we always go above and beyond and do a full on inspection for any maintenance or repairs needed. 

Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

We like to treat a roof first, do the inspection, and then decide of it is going to be right for us to come back out for the removal process. We will know for sure once we do the initial treatment. 

Roof Repairs

Shingle replacement? Wind damage? Pipe boots worn out? We have you covered! 

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Workers Comp, & DOA Applicator License

Our Clackamas roof cleaning service is always on time, every time! Full legal with the credentials needed plus we go above and beyond with that. Just ask and I can forward you an email with our licenses and policies. CCB # 214684

We stay about a week booked out for work in and around Portland.

Please call or email today. One of our licensed techs is looking forward to working with you.