A company must have a construction contractors board number also known as a CCB number, workers compensation insurance, DOA department of agriculture applicator operator license, liability insurance, bond and it helps to have a few years experience. If the company does not ask you how old your roof is, that is a red flag. A lot companies just want a paycheck and will not due diligence. You want someone with your best interest in mind. Someone who cares about getting you the longest life possible out of your shingles. Not someone who will do the work as a one size fits all approach. Every one is different and requires different strategies. We will be straight with you, and do the best process needed. 

We do our bids from google maps usually as this method is very effective. I am able to measure out your square footage with google’s roof measuring tool, get multiple angles for viewing, see the street and birds eye view, and send you a quote based on this and some other info that you tell me. Saves us time and gas, and it works. We have been in this business for over 15 years so these jobs end up being around the same price. We bid at industry standard, as we are fully legal and we bring a better overall experience. It might look like we are a little bit higher than some of the other bids, but that is only because there are so many fly by night companies in this industry. Fly by night, meaning companies who come in for a year or maybe even a few years, then leave the industry. They are not using good practices. How can they? They have not been doing it long enough to know how to properly treat and take care of a structure. Plus, most of these companies are not fully legal. They get partially legal, just to fly under the radar for awhile. In closing, I would trash the lower bids. Its not worth it. You will eventually realize that you lost more life than it was worth by hiring them, and you will not know until a few years later as roof cleaning damage is not easily noticed from the ground. 

If you compare our bids to other companies who have been in the industry for over 10 years and they are doing things right, you will see that we are all around the same cost. We bid what it takes to run an honest, customer loyal based, legal company

Know who the good companies are out there. How to choose right.