Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

What do we do? We do what is best for each specific roof. See details below.

Annual roof treatments for moss

We are going to do what ever method is best for your roof specifically. The most important thing is to have regular annual treatments for moss at least once a year after moss has been removed. For older roofs, our plan is a long term game plan over the years to keep the moss minimal, dead and looking better each time we come out. This is the method that we use most often to get the most life and health out of the roof – Sufficient moss removal (we will only remove what is best for the roof), followed by a roof treatment to keep the moss dead, annual roof treatments to keep the roof looking better and better each time we come out, gutters cleaned, cleanup of hard surfaces, and a detailed report with photos sent to your email.

Regular maintenance is required

For newer roofs in good enough repair that they can take a full on moss removal the first time we come out – Once the moss is off the first time, you should never have to worry about it even growing back if done properly. Keep an eye on that roof and if you see any signs of green it must be treated. Stay on top of the problem. Regular maintenance is by far the best thing for your roof and will save you the most money and get you the longest life.

Low Pressure Washing

It is very rare that we wash roof via low pressure. We do not wash roofs with the same equipment that you would use to wash a hard surface like a driveway or a brick wall. We have 20 years experience. There are cases where brushing is not the way to go and certain types of moss require low pressure for pressure washing with lots of water volume or low PSI. We can wash a roof with a gentle touch, so gentle, that I can put my hand in front of the tip while spraying. I made some videos on this if you are more visual and want to see them just let me know. Its enough to clean the roof, but not enough to do any kind of damage what so ever (baring that the roof structure is still sound). We do not know what was done to the roof before we got there. A lot of times we will not know if a roof should be cleaned until we start working on the roof. Sometimes visually we are not able to tell, during the bidding process. The low pressure washing high water is the best method to use if you are going for the brand new roof look or you are selling your house. If you want your roof looking brand new, have it washed by us or someone who knows how to safely do it. The brush will not take off the black mold and algae stains, the low pressure washing will. We inspect, we advise and we treat. The solutions vary between circumstances depending on various factors, so the first thing we do is take a look at particular areas of concern. When we have assessed the situation, we explain what we recommend to you, give you options available, and of course do the work it takes to solve the problem.

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Best cost effective method when a roof is ready to be replaced soon

When your roof is beyond cleaning and what is really needed is a new roof. I will give you the honest answer and what I think is going to be the best cost effective method. We do offer a program for those who do not want to put on a new roof right away even though they need one. It goes like this – We will treat your roof for moss, clean your gutters and seal any leak hazards that we see. When I say treat it, I mean treatment only because we usually do not clean moss from old worn out roofs. 

Hard surface cleanup

The meaning of hard surface cleanup – Hard surface cleaning meaning the debris that comes off of the roof from the cleaning. This does not mean that we pressure wash the hard surfaces. Basically, we are not setup for landscaping services so that is why we say that we will clean the hard surfaces, and the customer will need to make arrangements for the yard, dirt, gardens, etc. for the stuff that comes off of the roof and out of the gutters. Please note, people are always happy with our cleanup methods.

If you are interested in the appointment prep and instructions for what to when we are going to be working at your house just click the appointment link at the top of this page in the heading menu bar.

Integrating Green Policy for the treatment

A lot of people think that the sun needs to be out and it needs to be warm in order to clean a roof. The truth is, you can get your roof cleaned and maintained just as well when its cold and rainy. We have also integrated a green policy for the treatment. Easier on the environment and your roof. First of all, we have put in an extreme effort to choose the most effective methods and products for roof moss removal in Portland, Oregon that are also friendly to the environment. There are many chemicals that have a detrimental effect, but we’ve taken the time to select the right products for Portland roof cleaning that don’t negatively affect the environment. This was achieved by years and years of tests and treatments to see which methods worked the best with a green approach in mind. 

“Safer” Moss and Algae Killer

The best working treatment is a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss removal, mold removal. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mold, gunge and grime. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush foreign materials without scouring the surface it has infested. We use it because it works faster and keeps moss gone longer then zinc and other products that are used commonly in roof cleaning.

Treatment for moss not to return with regular applications of treatment. There are surfactants in the treatment which help it stick to the roof and keep working. I recommend annual treatments with our unique blend. The more treatments that can be applied, the more it helps to prevent moss from returning and or getting out of control.

Moss causes long term damage by retaining water, separating shingles, and in the worst cases requiring roof replacement. Plus it just looks ugly. The good news is that it is not difficult to deal with as long as you stay on top of the problem.

Before and After Portland Roof Cleaning Large

Moss and molds are natures organisms that break down our structures.

If you watch the show, Life After People, it shows that in all cases moss and lykin are the first things in nature that starts to break down structures. Our structures main enemy is water, and moss retains water. If we were not around moss would break apart our streets and structures by rooting itself into it, further allowing growth of larger plants, grass and trees. I have seen moss destroy roofs, but there is a simple solution and its called, regular maintenance. A treatment at least once or twice a year in most cases will deter moss from even growing in the first place and will keep your roof looking clean. We notice that moss will come back in certain areas, even with the treatment applied but it is not nearly as bad as if it were not treated. We have tested multiple roofs on the same blocks and or side by side homes with people’s roofs we have cleaned on the same day. The customers who keep up on the regular maintenance plan with the treatment roof’s look much better. Like night and day. Multiple roof cleaning jobs are not the best thing for your roof. If done right, a few times is harmless. After the first initial roof cleaning investment, you should be able to have your roof treated annually for a lot less money.

Zinc Strips

Here is what I have seen with zinc strips. I don’t know how they can legally be sold. They don’t work, they have to be put in with nails, they break, look ugly, make noise and again, they don’t work. Regular maintenance, treatments is the right way to go for roof cleaning in the Northwest!

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