We like to do a pre work check, either the day that we do the work or when we do the estimate. Taking photos of any leak hazards we see, checking the condition of the shingles, age, and any other things worth mentioning. Will send photos and a report to your email. Usually, we can do bids via online google maps, satellite and google’s measuring tool which saves on air pollution, gas, and time. If you prefer, we can come to the house and walk the roof before we do the work, that way we all know what we are getting into. 

We are honest and will let you know if cleaning is not the right thing to do. A lot of times, moss removal will not make your roof last longer. It helps if you tell us why you are having the work done. Whether its for selling, curb appeal for a listing, or just for good upkeep and maintenance. We do bids all the time where we recommend a new roof and we do have good leads for that as we do not do that type of work ourselves. We just want to have the customers best interest and do the right thing. An example, we had a lady call us with 2 properties who wanted cleaning. Drove out to the house and noticed that the shingles were missing a lot of granules showing black tar from so much wear. This is like if you have bald tires and can see the stringy fibers below the rubber. Not good. Plus she had many other leak hazards that needed to be fixed. Her cleaning job plus the cost of the leak hazards would have been around 3500.00 so in that situation it would make more sense to have a new roof put on. Her other property, the shingles were showing the fibers which is below the granules and tar so this one was even further gone. See, there are a lot of other companies who would clean these roofs just to get a paycheck even though the cleaning is not necessarily the right thing. 

Doing what is right for the customer is by far our main concern. It takes a special kind of person to be one of our customers as we are a special kind of company. We want customers to mirror our ethics. Some traits that we like to see are loyal, honest, kind, common sense intelligence, understands paying for an elite service and getting what we pay for. Great work is not cheap, and cheap work is not great. We service an elite group of people. So if you want someone to clean your roof, regardless of the process with a heavy hand and not have your best interest or the integrity of the roof in mind than hire someone else. You are not getting the same thing when hiring for a service. Everyone has their own methods and value system.