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We have an organic option, called Safer moss and algae killer. It is a registered organic by the USDA and is EPA certified. I can send you links with more info on this great stuff if you want just ask. We have to follow the Department of Agricultures rules and Oregon law. Anyone applying any kind of moss prevention or treatment is required to be licensed to do so (which we are) and are required to use approved moss killing products. Please do not hire any companies who are not licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, as it is nice when you know the company you hire is all 100% fully legal. “Safer” (a registered moss killer) when the conditions are right for the liquid treatment. We have done many tests with the different treatments to find the best outcome for our region. The best time treat is during spring and fall months, if possible.

For keeping ourselves safe, waters clean and the environment safe, it does matter what gets used. Which is why we have taken so much time and spent so much energy to find these options that we use. Our regular treatment option, usually directly following a roof cleaning is Safer Moss and Algae Killer, an organic registered product. Regular annual appointments are necessary for best results. 
This information below is for after a roof has been cleaned, and we can put you down for long term roof care to help control the roof moss and keep the roof leak tight for future years to come. We really enjoy helping people and building great trusting relationships.

We want to keep your roof moss free and looking nice while minimizing the cleanings and/or pressure on the roof to clean it. We recommend people have their roof treated at least once a year to help keep the moss from growing back. The value is that we are keeping it clean and leak hazard free to maximize the life of the roof. Lots of cleanings on composition roofs are not the best thing for it, so we recommend treating it as often as you can. We have seen roofs look pristine clean and stay looking clean for years, even roofs that were once covered in moss and algae. The secret is that these roofs are getting lots of attention, and lots of treatment. When we treat a roof it takes a good month for that treatment to soak in and kill the spores. Here in this next sentence is most likely the most important thing in this entire website. We want people to defer to us as the experts, be on a long-term maintenance plan where we can leave you on the list to do what we need to do and bill accordingly. Having a healthy roof is a team effort and staying on the same page is important. We will always contact you prior to our arrival.

We guarantee OUR work. We do what we say and say what we do!

Roof Treatment

We recommend having your roof treated annually. In rare instances, 2 times per year might be the way to go. 

Spend less money and get cleaner and healthier roofs

We’ve found that the best protection method is offered in our permanent upkeep plan. This option allows us to take care of your structure exactly when it needs it, and only when it needs it. 15 years of experience has shown that these clients have cleaner and healthier roofs, spend less money, and are less likely to develop larger problems. Since we see these clients on a regular basis, we’re afforded more opportunities to notice any issues that may cause future damage or lots of money in repairs. We know that time is valuable to you just as it is to us, that’s why our long-term customers receive the fairest prices, higher attention and more timely service. JNR will always contact you prior to starting any job, and adding you to our schedule ensures that you’ll have first priority and that your home will never go untreated. In the Northwest we are in high demand, typically booked at least a week out, and sometimes the weather prevents us from effective treating. Mild days allow our treatments to work at full potential so we only treat on those days and when weather permits, our permanent clients come first. We believe in long-term relationships and support because it works, but if you only want a one-time cleaning or treatment we are more than happy giving you a bid to keep you afloat. If you want the best, however, get on our permanent protection plan and let us worry about your roof – it is, after all, our job!

Moss and algae prevention

There is no sure-fire time frame for when roofs need to be treated, especially with the climate in Oregon. As mentioned, we do guarantee our work, but too many factors prevent us from saying when your roof will need to be treated or cleaned again. If we say that your pipe-vents, top nails, missing shingles, etc. need replacement – then they are a potential problem and we’ll replace them (with photos taken, emailed and or shown).  We can give you information on things to look for and we always appreciate a heads-up if you notice moss or potential moss – here are some things to look for: A roof will turn green around the edges of the shingles when moss and/or algae begins to form. Sometimes moss can grow in specific areas and become troublesome. If you notice heavy moss or visible moss spores, it’s time to call us back. It is the customer’s responsibility to watch for the signs of returning moss. If you aren’t interested in checking up your own roof and you would just like the peace of mind to just have us do it, then we would want to treat your roof at least once per year which is what we recommend for most people. This is typically sufficient for moss and algae prevention. Some people require more than one treatment per year but its rare. 

We can clean and treat roofs pretty much all year round. Our organic treatment works in all conditions. 

Treatment still works even if it rains

We always try to treat roofs under the best conditions – however, we cannot predict the weather. If the forecast looks good, we can treat roofs. Occasionally the rain comes shortly after we do the treatment, in this event, we still require payment for the work and the chemicals so please consider this when making any appointments. You always have the option of cancelling the job if the weather is looking iffy, and we will always take the same precautions that you do. The treatment still works even if it rains (we have done lots of tests) but it’s usually better if it stays dry for a least a few hours after we apply it. Light rain is OK, treatment still works with a sprinkling in fact its actually better to treat a roof under light rain conditions then it is to treat a roof when the hot sun is out.

Please keep all pets, people and important belongings away while we are working. Our process is safe and we have never had a problem, but we like to be on the safe side so that nothing happens that shouldn’t. Thank you!

Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance

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