Happy Valley Roof Cleaning

One of our favorite places, newer construction, nice houses, lets keep them looking great.
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We Work Primarily in Portland, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

We Work Primarily in Portland

A full on inspection is included with all work hired for. We especially like to do the inspection with the treatment before any pressure is put on the roof. Our organic treatment “Safer” has been chosen by us because of its effectiveness and safety. Not hard on the environment and safe to use around gardens and landscape.

Happy Valley Roofs

Roof Maintenance

This is of course our specialty. We can get you on a long term game plan to get the most life out of your roof as possible with regular inspections and moss prevention inhibitor. People love our organic product, works great!

Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

We will always do an inspection and kill the moss first before doing the removal as dead moss comes off a lot easier than live moss. Better on the structure that way. People are always happy with the results. We have your best interest.

Roof Repairs

One of our main areas of expertise. Been in the business a long time, we know how to bid and match shingles, do the right repairs and just keep you roof leak tight.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Workers Comp, & DOA Applicator License

Our Happy Valley roof cleaning service is always on time, every time! Full legal with the credentials needed plus we go above and beyond with that. Just ask and I can forward you an email with our licenses and policies. CCB # 214684  Please check your contractor’s credentials. Heck, they might not even be licensed contractors.

We stay about a week booked out for work in and around Portland.

Standing by to help you fully understand what our methods and practices are about.