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We are able to repair and fix exposed top nails, bad pipe boots, vents, missing, cracked or damaged shingles and add chimney caps. The number one and two main causes of roof leaks are top nails and worn out pipe boots. We do a full roof inspection with all of our work, especially with roof cleaning. Will let you know via photos and conversation if anything extra is needed to keep your roof safe.

Portland Oregon Leak Repairs Done Right By JNR

We can help you with all roof problems. Anything and everything concerning roof repairs and leaks we can help with. 

Roof color matching facts for repairing missing or damage shingles. This is one of our areas of expertise and specialization. We match the roofs manufacturer, make, and color or we get it as close as possible, as there are hundreds of different types of composition roofing material. We get a piece of the roof, pressure wash it if its dirty so we can get an exact color match and take it in to a roofing supply warehouse. The experts of the roofing warehouse will be able to match the roofing material to the exact make and manufacturer. In some cases, the roofing material is out dated and the manufacturer is no longer around. In this case, we will match it as close as possible.

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Portland Oregon Roof Repairs – In the worst case scenario where damage has been done to your roof, we can help you repair it. We repair composition roofs from any problems including bad pipe boots which wear out about every ten years, wind damage, missing pieces, ridge caps, seal top nails, flashing, and more. 

Roof Repairs and Roof Cleaning – The roof over your head is our main concern!

Weeds growing out of your gutters? Does your roof look like a lawn? Hopefully the situation isn’t that bad, but whatever the case, protecting your roof is our number one concern – and the number one cause of damage and leaks is moss.

Roof Repairs

Roofing Repairs, Roof Repairs, Roof Repairing

If you are needing a cleaning but also have a leak. We will need to get that leak fixed first before we can clean it.

We have a 100% success rate with fixing leaks. All work is guaranteed. Please call to discuss our process and the way we bid for roof leaks.

Full roof inspection by us included with all work. We do more then just clean your roof.

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