Will Match Prices With Other FULLY Legal Companies.

We will match prices with any roof cleaning company who is legal just like we are, so if you find someone cheaper than we are, then we will match their price but we need to be on the same playing field. I will need to see their bid, so that way I can research their company’s insurance policies of CCB active, workers comp, and licensed with the department of agriculture for the treatment. We are not high or low, we bid what it takes to run and operate a legitimate legal roof maintenance company.

What I have seen in this 15 years as a roof maintenance contractor is that there are a lot of companies that are partially legal, and the services, methods are not the same. I would love taking a look to see who you are interested in and helping you to find the right roof maintenance company even if it’s not JNR. I do not mind if another company who is fully legal is going to help you, and is a better fit then we are. But what I do not want, is to lose to someone who is not supposed to be cleaning roofs due to not having the full legalities.

I called, talked to and researched all of my top competitors who I do not have a long term relationship with here recently to find out what kind of legalities and methods they are using. There are a lot of companies who are doing a spray treatment which sounds like a magic solution. Basically, they spray it on and you have to wait 5 or 6 months for the moss to fall off of the roof. So here is my take on this – If someone told me that they had paid someone to remove the moss and do roof cleaning, but had to wait 6 months for the moss to fall off, I would say, I hope you do not pay them until the roof is clean. Also, something that is nasty enough to remove all the moss by itself is going to be very caustic and I hope nothing gets on the landscape or worse. I really would have to see that work to believe it. Another thing that I have noticed is that a lot of these companies are not fully licensed or skip on a few of the legalities that they are required to have. CCB#, DOA, Workers Comp insurance if they have employees.

I have narrowed it down to 2 other companies who are fully legal like we are and I always recommend that you get 3 bids. This is after hours and hours of research and I wanted to have 3 other companies (still looking) that I could refer out. Could only find 2 so if you find someone please let me know. I can easily give you the info for these other 2 companies if you ask for it. One of them may just come in a little lower, or may be a better fit for you then us. I love helping people, and if that means helping people to not get hosed, or helping you to trash the bids from the illegals, just call or email. Bids and conversation are always free.

These guys are professionals and will earn your business too! will be a repeat customer!

Commercial Chemical Operator #AG-L1007486CPO Licensed, Bonded, Insured CCB # 214684