Here is how we remove the moss from your roof. Its easy just click the links 1 through 3 in order as its a 3 stage process. Also, we send you out an annual email to see how you and your roof are doing. Check out our site as well at

Step one non pressure washing system.

Step two high pressure air cleaning or pressure wash rinse if the roof is wet, of the roof and gutters.

Step three wet and forget treatment.

I do not believe that the zinc strips work and they rip off easily, get damaged, and they have to be put on the roof with nails. Annual treatments for moss with gutter cleaning is the best way to keep the moss off and is the healthiest thing for the roof. Cleaning any mess around the house is included.

This 3 stage process is the best and safest way to remove the moss from a composition roof. If need this service done and want to invest in your roof call me @ 503-432-9093 and I will drop off a free bid.