Hello, it’s Jesse the roof maintenance contractor just sending out the reminder for the fall 2015 roof treatment. Next week the weather is looking about perfect for treatment work. The value for you is that it will help keep your roof moss free, looking good, leak free, and lasting as long as possible. Let me know if you want to be on the list for this spring.

The treatment kills spores and helps to keep the moss from growing. If you have moss or algae then it may need to manually be removed. The treatment is for prevention, not for existing moss and algae.

If you are getting this email that means you are of a select few great group of our customers that we appreciate very much and we want to help maintain your roof. If we have recently worked for you please disregard this message but keep us in mind for fall treatment.

We charge 50.00 per 3 gallons of treatment and most houses take about 9-15 gallons or 150.00 to 250.00 on average. I recommend as many as you can do, and we are seeing the best results with people who are doing it at least 2 times a year and are have knowledge about what exactly they are getting for the money. However, once is better than none. If you have questions on this, please ask me. We always try our best to treat roofs under the best conditions – however we cannot predict the weather so if the forecast looks good, we treat a roof and the rain comes shortly after we do the treatment, we still need to get paid for the work we did. You have the option of cancelling the job if the weather is looking iffy. The treatment still works even if it rains (we have done tests) but its better if it stays dry for a least a few hours after we apply it