Roof Moss Removal – Portland, Oregon faq.

It causes severe long term damage in worst cases requiring replacement of either roof sections or parts of sidewalks and driveways. The good news is that it is not difficult to deal with as long as you stay on top of the problem.

Moss is a major problem in both roofs and concrete. If you watch the show, Life After People, it shows that in all cases moss and lykin are the first things in nature that starts to break down structures. No joke! If we were not around moss would break apart our streets and structures by rooting itself into it, further allowing growth of larger plants, grass and trees. Ive seen moss destroy roofs, but there is a simple solution and its called annual maintenance. A treatment once a year in most cases will deter moss from even growing in the first place and will keep your roof looking clean. To be very honest with you, multiple roof cleaning jobs is not the best thing for your roof. If done right, a few times is harmless. I have 10 years plus experience as a roof cleaner and have a non pressure washing brushing method followed by a treatment. There are cases where brushing is not the way to go and certain types of moss require low pressure, high water. I can wash a roof with a gentle touch, so gentle, that I can put my hand in front of the tip while spraying. Its enough to clean the roof, but not enough to do any kind of damage what so ever. The low pressure washing high water is the best method to use if you are going for the brand new roof look or you are selling your house. Trust me on this, if you want your roof looking brand new, have it washed by us or someone who knows how to safely do it. The brush will not take off the black mold and algae stains, the low pressure washer will. After the first initial roof cleaning investment, you should be able to have your roof treated once a year for a lot less money. Do it preferably when you get your gutters cleaned out.