Wondering how to remove moss from your roof? Dont! Make sure you hire the right company who has been around a while and who is fully legal. You do not want to risk doing more damage or your own safety. This page has been created to share the various ways to do it and how to choose someone legit. Not only does this page share our methods but it also helps you understand the problems that arise from leaving your roof untreated, and overall gives you a better understanding in order to properly deal with the situation on rooftops.

The products we use are specifically designed for cleaning roofs. We use a specific blend 2 types of products, one is a registered organic but they both work great. The organic work much better, it is amazing. Both designed for asphalt shingles. 

1. Do not pressure wash the moss off with high pressure, or wash at all on an older structure. If some is going to use a low pressure rinse it must be after the treatment when the moss is fully dead, that way it comes off of the roof easier and does not attach itself as much. 

By using a high pressure washer to remove it you are going to dramatically reduce the life of your shingles. How? The high powered water will remove the asphalt shingle granules which help protect the shingles and ensure a longer life span.

2. Be careful with using acids. If your acidic mixture is too strong or stays on the roof too long, it can eat away at the shingles. If your solution has not been tested previously, make sure you test it on some spare shingles before applying it. Use products that are registered with the department of agriculture that say what they are designed to do on the label. Some people think they are chemists and make up their own application. Sure some of the stuff you create might kill the moss, but it will also slowly erode the shingles and metal flashing. For example, some people use tide detergent which is very harmful to the shingles. It dries them out.