Superior maintenance and service, pristine quality work, fair profit margins.  Cheap work is not good, and good work is not cheap.  I will send pictures to your email of all work completed.  Also, I am you roof maintenance guy, doing all of the roofs necessary maintenance.     When you invest in roof cleaning with JNR Industries you are getting 10 years of knowledge from a professional responsible person who is passionate about his business and who has it dialed in to the T about the right equipment to use, the right products, the right way, etc. etc.  Kevin, the technician who will clean your roof shares the same values and knowledge.  All we do is roof maintenance, it is our specialty, our drive, our passion.  We believe very strongly in the value and importance of maintenance.   Unfortunately, other low bidding non licensed non insured companies are out there hurting the business.  They usually die out, go broke, get hurt, or who knows what they just go away.  But for every company that does die out, another knuckle head company will take its place.  We are the change in America that we want to see.  Fair fair fair.