When we clean out gutters, we make sure the house, decks,
walkways, driveways, and aggregate are all cleaned off. This is
included in the bid price. What is not included in the bid price
is raking out the debris in the yard and bushes because it is
just compost and it will compost out in a few weeks. Its not
garbage, its stuff that falls from the sky naturally. It would be
a waste of money to pay me to remove that debris from the
bushes and lawn. A normal lawn mower will pick up the debris
when its on the grass. I charge min of 25.00 to mow a lawn
and I have to use your lawn mower because I dont use one as
I am not a landscaper. It is my job to get the moss and debris
off of your roof and gutters and to make sure the house and
walkway areas are clean.