What I dont understand is when a customer will call me wanting a bid for a service and they act like they are in a hurry and dont have time for me. I need certain information from you if I am to drop off a bid; name, number, address, some info about the job etc. You want to know about roof cleaning in Portland or moss removal at your home, then set aside 5 minutes of your day to talk about it with me please. I get that about 1 out of every 10 calls. Our society is in such a hurry, slow down and enjoy! I had a lady call me yesterday to talk about pressure washing in Beaverton OR, a very large job. She kept saying that she needed to get off the phone lol, she called me. All I was doing was trying to get a little info about the job. She sais, I need to let you go now, before she even gave me the address! This goes out to all of my good customers who set aside time to talk to me, “Thanks for appreciating the relationship!” I know I do.