A quick fix – one and done approach meaning that we show up and do all of the work the same day. This is possible, but not likely. We will only do what is right for each situation and each situation is a little different. We want longevity for you and your structure. A lot of times the quick fix approach is hard on a home. Roofs with a little bit of age require a treatment first – which will take a few weeks for to fully work. Treatment is not removal, so the moss will still be up there. After this step, we would come back in a few weeks and possibly do another round of treatment depending on how the first round went. The next step would be that we would asses whether or not we could do some brushing, if the roof is able to take a brushing for a cleaning. A lot of times, we should not brush all 100% of the moss, but that we should do what the roof is able to take and let the treatment do the rest of the work. The treatment is not hard on a roof, like the cleaning is. Cleaning means putting pressure on via brush or wash low psi.

With step one, you get an inspection by us, optional gutters cleaned, and optional roof sealing depending on what is needed. So lets keep that roof leak tight, lasting as long as possible, and treated on the regular. We know that people are getting the most bang for their buck with regular treatments, regular maintenance.