1) Some of our downspouts drain directly into our yard, where we grow tomatoes and strawberries. Does the Wet & Forget label specifically say it’s OK to be on food producing soil?

Answer: To be very honest, the to treat a roof directly after the roof has been cleaned is a waste of treatment. It is more important to treat the roof a year from this spring. The following years are going to give you the most bang for your buck, preventative maintenance treatments. I have never seen Wet and Forget kill any kind of plant life but just to be on the safe side we can use the worry free by Lilly miller. It is made up of vinegar and citric acid, it only works when we can use a lot so you are looking at 3 times the amount of product to treat the roof. The cost of the treatment will triple as stuff is more expensive and will require a lot more of it for it to work properly.

2) There are screens on our gutters which are very important for Autumn. Can your cleaning process avoid disturbing the gutter screens?

Answer: The gutter screens we can easily work around. I will not take them out, clean the gutters then put them back in. Unless of course you want to pay for it, as that is not included in the bid. I will however, clean the debris from the tops of the screens. Removing screens, cleaning the gutters out, then reinstalling them is a job all by itself or separate job. If we have to do that, the gutter system that you have is not working properly and should be taken off.