People love the Rainflows, they are a 20 year system which does not break down with uv light like a lot of the other cheap plastic guards will do. They do not allow anything but water into the gutter. The only maintenance that must be done on those is to have me come out once a year to treat your roof for moss because the zinc moss killer that I use to inhibit moss growth and kill moss will also keep weeds from growing in those Rainflows and in your gutters. Weeds love Rainflows if you do not do any maintenance. Also, if I come out once a year I will be able to remove any debris that sits on the Rainflows. Bob in SW Portland posted a comment on my comment page about how much he likes the Rainflow. He is a perfect example of a great customer who does the right maintenance on those. He was cleaning his gutters out multiple times a year as they were filling up and overflowing constantly. He said after I put the Rainflows on, he never had a problem all year. Leaky gutter problem solved! Rainflows are 8$ a foot which includes a pristine cleaning.