This blog will be updated as there are so many factors for this reason. But Ill name a few.

  1. The material that was put on was not the greatest. There are hundreds of makes and brands and more often then not, contractors will cut costs by using a cheap material.
  2. Poor workmanship, bad installation.
  3. Improper venting. There should be enough vents on the top of the roof and enough soffit vents under the roof to allow for sufficient air flow. There should also be sufficient insulation.
  4. There is more than 1 layer. A roof will always function better when it is one layer.
  5. The way it was cleaned (before we inspected or worked on it) prior was not a safe or gentle way of cleaning it. Who knows what was done in the past right, who was hired to do what? What did the home owner do? Etc…  Never know.

So some key things to consider is to hire contractors who know what the flip they are doing. Start with asking to see their CCB, check to make sure it is active, workers comp insurance, check reviews, maybe a good lead from another good honest contractor you know and like to work with. It helps if they have been around a long time, and will be around a long time that way if they have a warranty and if something goes wrong – they will be a good resource and will be there to help and or make good on their warranty. Another thing is to check to see if they are certified with their roofing material manufacturer. A lot of the good companies who actually make the shingles will certify local contractors based on criteria that they have for being in business and installation practices.