We all have our methods. Im not knocking yours, if it works it works. In fact, whatever method you use is fine by me as long as your keeping the roofs that you do moss free for life as part of the servce. The worst thing that we could do as roof cleaners is remove the moss and let it just grow right back. We have to do regular treatments on roofs to keep the moss off which is the healthiest thing for the roof. Other certified good long lasting roof cleaners; you are not my competition as there are plenty of good customers out there. If you think that I am your competition then you are mistaken, that is an old school way of thinking. Our competition is the fly by night roof cleaners who dont have a clue. The ones who are ruining roofs. The ones who are charging ridiculously low prices to destroy a roof as they clean it with no license. You know who you are. If you are a reputable roof cleaning company you dont need to bash other roof cleaners to get work. You should be able to market yourself in a way that is honorable. Bashing other roof cleaners is kind of a sleazy way to present yourself. The business owners that are taking pictures of roofs that other roof cleaners have cleaned, calling the dept. of agriculture, to make other roof cleaners look bad. Doesnt that take up a lot of your energy? Not the reason I got into this business. Sell yourself, take care of your customers, you are great, you’re better then that. You can do it, without worrying about others. Have a great day.

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