Unlicensed companies are hurting the business.  Be weary and make sure you check a contractors license.  Here is the link:


Just because someone says they are licensed does not mean that they really are, I have been seeing a lot of people in this business lie about it.  Go to this link and type in the contractors 6 digit number that they give you.  If it shows as active then they are licensed bonded and insured and you are covered.  If you hire an unlicensed guy to work for you, you could lose more then just your home.  Lots of things could go wrong.  If the bid price is so low that it seems too good to be true, then it usually is.

Also, one needs to be licensed by the Department of Agriculture to treat a roof.  All this stuff to stay legal costs money, they dont just hand out these licenses and insurance policies for free.

My ccb license number is 176266 and I have been cleaning roofs for around 10 years and pressure washing on ground surfaces for around 20 years.  I know my stuff and I am a company that is going to be around for awhile.  You end up spending more money in the long run when you hire the cheapest guy because he may ruin the roof or take more years off of it then he should of.  Good luck finding a fly by night company when you find some damage that the company is responsible for. 

My Department of Agriculture license # is AG-L1007486CPO