Superior maintenance and service, pristine quality work, fair profit margins. Toyota doesn’t worry about Hyundai’s sales. I don’t know of any other roof cleaner that takes pictures of absolutely everything they charge for. I will send pictures to your email of all work completed. Also, I am you roof maintenance guy, doing all of the roofs necessary work to keep it clean, free of moss, leak free and working like it should for as long as possible. When you invest in roof cleaning with JNR Industries you are getting 10 years of knowledge from a professional responsible person who is passionate about his business and who has it dialed in to the T about the right equipment to use, the right products, the right way, etc. etc. All we do is roof maintenance, it is our specialty, our drive, our passion. Trust me, I am the guy you want working on your roof.
Licensed General Contractor 176266
Licensed Chemical Applicator from the Dept. Of Aggriculture. AG-L1007486CPO
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