Portland, Oregon Roof Cleaning

Moss removal with Wet and Forget Moss and Algae Killer application – This is our primary area of expertise as we have serviced many roofs for moss. We do it right the first time by brushing or washing with a low pressure depending on what is going to be the best for a roof.  In many circumstances, the low pressure is actually much easier on a roof then the brush.  We then clean the gutters, treat it to kill any spores and to keep it from growing back, cleanup of hard surfaces around the house and take photos and send them to your email. We want to ensure that your roof looks great from that day forward. Keep the moss off of your roof and it will make your roof last longer. We want to ensure that your roof, the most important part of your house, is looking great and free of moss and other debris that can cause harm and lots of money down the road. A new roof is very expensive so we want to maintain the one you have. Our business is about long term relationships, roof preservation, and a great long term maintenance plan.

Portland, Oregon Roof Repairs

In the worst case scenario where damage has been done to your roof, we can help you repair it. We repair composition roofs of many problems including bad pipe boots which wear out about every ten years, wind damage, missing pieces, ridge caps, seal top nails, flashing, and more. The quality of your Portland roofing repair can’t be neglected – because you can’t afford to have someone out again. We protect your roof – and your pocketbook by matching prices as a licensed General contractor, licensed by the department of agriculture and full workers comp on my employee.  Thats right, I will match prices with any legal roof cleaning company who is on the same playing field that I am on.  Get it done right. Get JNR Industries.

The way I do repairs is I come out to the house, get up in the attic, take photos, inspect the roof from the top, take a piece of roofing to my supplier to match the exact color or to get it as close as possible, then I do the repairs guaranteeing the work for as long as the life of the roof.

Gutter Repairs, Gutter Cleaning – Portland, Oregon

We clean gutters at $1 per foot which includes debris removal from the roof, air blowing, pressure washing, and pictures to show that we did a great job so you dont have to get up on the roof. The pressure washer is nice because it gets everything clean and I shoot the wand in all of the downspouts to clear them of any clogged debris.  When im done on the roof I go around the house and clean any mess that I left behind and will pressure wash the outside of the gutters, the siding and whatever else got dirty from the job.  I have a 130.00 minimum. 503-432-9093

If you have a super crazy dangerous job then it may be more then 1$ a foot but will be happy to drop off a bid.

Take a look at this video I made which indicates and shows how I clean gutters and downspouts.


Tree Debris In Your Gutters?

If you have heavy tree debris around your house and your cleaning your gutters out l lot more then necessary, then I have just the gutter system for you.. They are called Rainflow gutter guards and are guaranteed to last 20 years and not break down with UV light.  I have tested just about everything on the market and these are the best.  These are 8$ a foot but still a lot cheaper then some of the other systems out there that actually work.  If you are interested in this system and want to talk about and or see a sample please call me.  Conversation and bids are free.  503-432-9093

Gutter Guards and Gutter Filters

Ask about our gutter filters (and gutter guards) and browse our photos to see them in action. They are hands down the best thing on the market for keeping debris out! Gutter Filters allow the water to flow like it should by keeping leaves, sticks and other junk out. They are a double ply system that allows only water to permeate, not debris. Gutter guards are the old school debris prevention gutter system – we usually replace gutter guards with gutter filters. Get your gutters and downspouts ready for the elements that are coming this winter.

Pressure Washing Portland Oregon

Pressure washing is the best way to have exterior cleaning.  We have 15 years of experience, so we know what pressures, tips, treatment options and water temperatures work best in each situation.  Power washing in Portland Oregon is an on going maintenance issue, but we can help with a treatment option to kill the mold and moss spores once we have everything clean.  Its like this, a good pressure washing job will leave the area looking great, but its still food for the moss.  Thats right, water is the main food source for moss and mold so if we want to do a treatment on all surfaces for moss and mold after we have cleaned it.  This will keep it from growing back any time soon and will keep it looking great for a lot longer.

The most common applications for pressure washing are:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Houses
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Driveways (with optional Sealing)
  • Fences
  • Awnings
  • Pools
  • Moss Removal & Moss / Mold Treatment

Tress Trimming Services Portland

Get Those Trees And Bushes Away From Your Roof!

We specialize in protecting your roof.

Tree limbs and bushes can grow right into roofs and destroy the shingles. Also trees are the main source of debris that fills gutters. Squirrels are very hard on roofs, they can actually eat their way through causing leaks and entering attics and crawlspaces in your home. Trees above and around roofs also increase the potential for moss and mold growth and can definitely be hazardous during extreme weather. We recommend trimming trees and bushes as a good way to protect the investment you have made in your home.  If you have a large tree that is too close to your house, but you just love the tree, you will have to instruct us on how much to cut back.  We do not want to have you upset at your lopsided looking tree.  Our goal is to protect your house and roof but also to make you happy.  Tree trimming in Portland can be an on going yearly maintenance issue.