A lot of these homes that we look at, have roofs that are too far gone to help.

When moss removal, is not an option from us on this roof because it would not be beneficial to the life of the roof.

Usually those 15 year 3 tabs with some wear, meaning that roof is designed to last 15 years. We see a lot of these roofs needing help. But we also see a lot of architectural (25 year supposedly) needing help. When this circumstance occurs,if you can, put that money towards a new roof. The cleaning will not make that old roof last longer, in fact a cleaning might even take more life off of it. 

If you want to get a few more years out of it here is my recommendation-

We could treat the moss for a certain cost to keep it dead, and recommend at least one treatment per year. So no moss removal on this one, we can treat the moss so that the dead moss is not causing further damage to the roof, but it will still be up there. Usually one full application will kill all the moss and it takes about a month for it to fully die off. Sometimes it requires 2 full treatments (but usually works with 1) to fully kill 100% of the moss for a cost each time we go out to do the treatment application. This is something you would want to do at least once per year, and we are seeing the best results with those who are having their roofs treated 2 times per year. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss the right option for you. I am happy to help you do that, even it means us not getting the work.

 I refer out companies who know their stuff, install good material, and give a good warranty (if needed). Honesty, integrity and great work. You want a roofing company who has been around a long time and is going to be around a long time, that way if you have issues in the future you know they will take care of you. I really like how these roofing companies can give you options and help you specifically how you want/need to be helped. They really go above and beyond when doing the initial inspection to see what is really going on and to be able to assess what is needed in order to really do the job right the first time. It’s tough to find good service like this these days, especially in the construction service industry.