1. Be a fully licensed roof cleaning business for 10 or more years.
2. Have Comp on all your employees and have competent employees.
3. You must be able to keep moss off of all good paying customers roofs who understand roof maintenance, without the use of a pressure washer or brush. You may only pressure wash or brush one time, the first time.
4. Know how to safely and effectively pressure wash and brush a roof clean free of moss.
5. Be able to train other roof cleaners, and other roof cleaning businesses.
6. Replace pipe jacks, without compromising the roofing material.
7. Go to JnrInd.com and post new ways to keep up the jedi status of the fellow roof cleaner on jnrroofmaintenance.com’s blog page.
8. You must work for a fair wage, no tweekers allowed.
9. You must not turn down any roof cleaning job. If its not in your realm of comfort, refer it out to someone who will appreciate the lead.
10. One must be a licensed chemical applicator/operator from the dept. of aggriculture.
11. Must have a ccb.
What else?