We recommend having us treat the roof and do the inspection for a few reasons.

  1. When we treat the roof and come back to the moss removal after the moss is dead, the moss comes off the roof easier and is better for the roof that way. Will get you more life in the long run.
  2. When we first treat the roof, we can do our initial inspection which covers best practices for moss removal for your roof moving forward, any leak hazards noticed, and just our overall game plan for best maintenance on how to get you the most life out of it.
  3. Our company is about the long-term game plan approach which will get the most life out of your roof via the least number of cleanings possible after the initial moss removal as too many cleanings via pressure can wear out a roof prematurely. We will minimize foot traffic as much as we can by treating the roof from the ladders and ridge. Too much foot traffic can help speed up the decay process of a roof.

Let us know if there are any questions, as the long-term game plan approach to get you the most life out of your roof can sometimes be confusing. We understand the it is not the norm of what a lot of other roof maintenance companies are doing which would be to just clean the roof all in one day. Yes, the roof will look great that day, but at a cost, you will lose roof life. We can do this method as well, we just choose not to because we want to do the right thing.

WE want to be safe as safety is our first priority. So we may need to install anchors so that we can tie off properly. This is an OSHA regulation and a very good one. 

The permanent tie offs for safety

We would need to install x anchors for safety since you have a steep pitch which would require ropes, anchors, harnesses, etc. We may not need to install them and if not, we will not charge you for them, but we need to get the go ahead from you to install them if needed. We will not know until we are at the house working. 

The permanent tie offs are for these reasons.

  1. Safety for me and my employees.
  2. It is less wear and tear on your ridge caps.
  3. It is less labor in the long run, because we do not have to set a tie off each time we do work.
  4. It is better for you for liability reasons, it shows that you are responsible and care about the safety of your roofing contractor.

My employees and I are always properly tied off and fully safe. If we do multiple jobs for you on a regular basis it is a very good idea to have them. Permanent tie offs are small and not noticeable, please see photos. We install the tie offs under the ridge cap, as industry standard.  I do not recommend that anyone other than us use the tie offs unless they are a licensed contractor or a legitimate maintenance company. Basically, we do not want to be held liable for homeowners trying to use our safety equipment as being safe requires a lot more than just an anchor. They are 150.00 each installed for parts and labor in most cases, 190.00 each if you have ridge vents. We are not responsible for the safety of others who use them as there are a lot more safety factors then just having a tie off. These are nice if someone is doing regular maintenance on the roof which is highly recommended for long term roof life. Being properly tied off is an OSHA requirement and a very good one. Safety first.