There is a very good reason that we are set above most of the rest and our costs are fair. They just reflect what we do, how much care we take, the value we bring to you, and that we stay organized and fully legal. So many people do not understand, and I want to help people understand what goes on.

So number 1 is who usually needs our services? Usually the roofs that are mossy and need attention are those that are maybe half way or more past their life. So the way we work, is that we take special care with our methods, causing the most longevity for your structure.

There is more to this then just hiring the cheapest, you are not comparing apples to apples. You may have hired a company for the cleaning, it looks great! But how hard were they on the roof? This is something that you will not even know about. The way some of these cheaper companies are doing it, is that they are taking off so many granules with their methods that the roof will never be able to be cleaned again. Are they keeping you on a good long term maintenance plan? A plan to were the roof should never have to be brushed or washed again? This is really a key factor.

Our approach is that we like to work WITH you and help find the best game plan specifically for each structure. Every structure is different, but we know the best methods and practices unique for almost every situation and I would love to meet/talk with you about what those are.