We are coming to your home, here’s what to expect!
Here are some instructions for customers, specifically for when we are coming to your house to clean your roof.

First, please know that this is a messy job and there will be debris.
Please move or cover anything that you do not want to get dirty, cars, ponds, fountains, lawn chairs and furniture, shoe racks, barbq’s, dogs, etc. We do a good job with cleanup and we will go around the house with the pressure washer and leave the house cleaner then when we got there – The debris out of the yard and garden is just compost that falls from the sky naturally and will compost out and the lawn mower is great for picking up dead moss. The bid does not reflect mowing your yard or raking the gutter debris out of the landscape as we are not landscapers but we can do that if we are to be paid for it. The bid does however, reflect cleanup of all hard surfaces and I guarantee you will be happy with our cleanup. Like I said before, we leave it cleaner and brighter then when we first got there. Roof cleaning is a very messy job which requires pressure washing for cleanup.

Basically we will clean all the hard surfaces including but not limited to driveways, walkways, siding, windows, gutters, decks, etc. I prefer that the customer is home when we work so that way we can get the approval of the customer before we leave. Whether you are home or not, please move or cover things that you do not want dirty. Also, leave one of the water outlet spickets on so that we can run the pressure washer for cleanup and if you want you can leave your yard debris can out so we can put debris in it.