I talk to customers who say that someone is going to do it for cheap. They say do “it” and it meaning, roof cleaning. Like we are all doing exactly the same thing and with the same tools, same licensing, knowledge and methods. I take roof cleaning to the next level, installing downspout debris stoppers in every downspout so that you dont get clogs under ground or in your downspouts. I use the best products on the market, know what tools to use to safely and effectively clean your roof. I am licensed and bonded as a General Contractor and licensed by the department of agriculture to treat your roof. I am very careful working around your landscape and we do a nice job with the cleanup. I would probably throw out the lowest bid because ive seen it a thousand times where the home owner wants to get a good deal by paying someone to destroy his/her roof. Good luck finding a fly by night roof cleaning company next year after you realize your roof is mostly destroyed. I will be available and at your service whenever you need me. I take pictures of every job and do most of all your maintenance included. There is more to maintenance then just cleaning the moss. 503-432-9093 www.jnrroofmaintenance.com