The permanent tie offs are for these reasons.

1. Safety for me and my employees.

2. So that we do not have to poke holes in your roof and reseal the holes every time we are up there.

3. Its less wear and tear on your ridge caps.

4. Its less labor in the long run, because we do not have to set a tie off each time we do work.

5. Its better for you for liability reasons, it shows that you are responsible and care about the safety of your roofing contractor.

I do not mind not doing the treatment on that roof, the moss will grow back and lots of cleanings every time the moss grows back is not good for the roof. I do mind not being tied off, so I will not do this job if you can not agree to do the right thing and have the tie offs installed. Please forward this email to your neighbors or property owners who are involved in this decision. Permanent tie offs are small and not noticeable and we color match them with paint to match the color of the roof. They are 100.00 each parts and labor. Thank you