Some leak estimates are free and some are not. If it is plainly obvious, what the cause of the leak is from the external roof, then yes the roof leak estimate is free. The problem with bidding leaks is that sometimes I put in a few hours of work just to find the leak, then I find it, and you pass the info to someone else who can beat my price because they didn’t have to do all the work to find the leak. It happened to me the other day where I put in an hour to find that he needed 70 feet of valley metal and he never called me back, so maybe he called around for the cheapest company to do the valley metal.

I would like a chance to talk to you and maybe we could figure out a bid over the phone based on what you know is going on. I will give a more detailed free bid, but I wont come out and put in free work, to figure out the leak. We have a 100% success rate with fixing leaks We bill for work that we do and or fixing leak hazards. All work is guaranteed and photos will be sent to your email to prove that we did the work.

I am an honest contractor and want you to understand that a free bid for roof cleaning is a lot easier then bidding for a roof leak. Roof leaks are tough, because we could come out and fix some problems that we see on the roof, but the roof still leaks. We would then need to do more work and fix more problems. We could eventually do a whole tear off of the side that the leak is on, lay down some ice and water shield, tar paper and new shingles. That is the worst case scenario, and my philosophy is to start out small and or cheap for you. But I’m not going to buy your problem, and we will need to charge for whatever work we end up doing. Most of the time, the leaks are obvious and we are able to fix them the first try, but sometimes it takes 3 or 4 trips out. Some leaks can be very tricky.

I just want to be as honest as possible and if you called me to talk about my methods and ethics with roof leaks then you would know that my intentions are good. Thanks for your time.